Swapping out Ads on well-performing Ad Sets

screenshot of meta Facebook ads campaign manager

Over the last few weeks I have been running a set of campaigns regarding different projects belonging to our company. Across the campaigns I created multiple varying Ad Sets which are set to target different locations, audiences and language. These have been running with an ongoing daily budget and I’ve been monitoring them closely.

The way to move further down the funnel would be to line up the Ads that are currently running, take a long look at each one, understand the message behind them, and think about how they can be nudged to the next part of the conversation.

By conversation, I’m referring to the asynchronous dialogue happening the moment a user reads the caption, image text or even the headline of the Ad. The moment that words are read in order, meaning is created and reason is brought into the world. That moment, for me, positions the reader somewhere on the marketing funnel, whether they are aware of it or not.

I want to try and target the same if not similar people, so I won’t change much in my audience settings. There are settings that allow me to target the people that actually interacted with the Ads, so I may add those in. Meta has actually labelled these Ad Sets as High Performing so that’s another reason to leave them as is.